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What Can’t Dogs Eat At Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas, we want our dogs to have a great time too. It can be tempting to share your festive food, but some things might ruin your dogs party spirit… or much worse! If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what can’t dogs eat?’ check out our list of the top things to avoid letting your dogs consume at Christmas.

What Can’t My Dog Eat?

Bird bones

Whether they are raw or cooked, bird bones can splinter easily and cause choking or puncture wounds

Turkey or chicken skin

Wayyy too fatty for your dog, unless you want to put them at risk of pancreatitis! This is a disease where your dog’s pancreas becomes inflamed, which is potentially life-threatening. Read more about it here.

Bulb vegetables

Onions, garlic, chives, leeks, and shallots are poisonous to dogs. This goes for powders too, like onion or garlic granules. Some people say that garlic is okay in small amounts, but the cumulative effects can be dangerous.

Herbs and spices

Dogs are not used to spicy food, so watch out for herbs and spices as they could cause an upset stomach in your dog.


Much too salty and fatty for dogs! As already mentioned, the fat can lead to inflammation of the pancreas.

Pigs in blankets

Once again, too much salt and fat for your pups. They won’t be thanking you in the long run…


This contains herbs and spices which can upset your dog’s stomach, but more importantly it also usually contains onion which is poisonous.


Some are ok, some aren’t. Your best bet is just to avoid them entirely to be on the safe side.


Both the fruit and the stone contain persin, which can be toxic to dogs. The stone also poses a risk of intestinal blockage, as does the stone of any other fruit (e.g.: peaches, plums and apricots).

Grapes, raisins, currants, sultanas

Fatal for dogs, even in small amounts! If you see your dog eating any of these call your vet immediately.

Mince pies, Christmas pudding, fruit cake

Not only do these contain high levels of fat, but they also contain potentially fatal dried fruit (such as raisins), and spices which can upset your dogs tummy. They can often contain alcohol as well!


Both the stalks and the leaves are toxic for dogs, so don’t let them near the rhubarb crumble.

Yeast and uncooked dough

As it rises and ferments in the stomach, uncooked dough can cause discomfort, pain, and even a fatal blockage.


Macadamia nuts and walnuts are toxic to dogs, and other nuts can be tricky to digest and cause upset stomachs. Of course, salted nuts aren’t going to be good for your dogs either!

Milk and dairy

Dogs have difficulty digesting lactose, so take it easy on the dairy unless you want your dog to have an upset tummy!


One of the most well-known problem foods for dogs, chocolate contains theobromine which can be fatal to dogs, even in tiny amounts.

What CAN I give my dog?!

Try a moderate plate/bowl of the following delicious items:

  • Boneless, skinless white turkey meat
  • Unsweetened cranberry sauce (with no other added fruit, like raisins)
  • Plain mashed or boiled potato, in small amounts
  • Small amount of green or mixed veg, no added butter or salt, and no bulb vegetables! If it’s broccoli, make sure it’s a very small amount.
  • Eggs, cooked or raw (depending on your concern about salmonella)
  • Small amount of fruit, no pips or stones, and definitely no rhubarb!

How many of these did you know about?! Spread the word to your dog-loving friends, help them have the happiest and most dog-friendly Christmas they possibly can!

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Disclaimer: Adventure Paws assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of this article or the listed foods. If unsure, please seek veterinary advice.

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